Raves about Sam Choo

I personally feel Sam is the most grounded internet marketing teacher and If there is a Guru Status for Sam it would be the GURU of VALUE – and Value for money too!


We hit off pretty well and thru the conversation with him I knew that he is the man with no holding back regarding sharing of IM knowledge….Humble, generous, inspiring , full of positive energy and he has this amazing touch to create opportunity and network for people.

S = Selflessness , A = Always Awesome , M = Mentor !

Becks Lim

Sam has been really an inspiration. He understood that it was not easy to get started. But he kept on encouraging me to carry on and shared his methods on how to publish a book. With the tools he has provided me, I believe my book will be out really soon! Thank you Sam!

Glenn Ong

Thank you, Sam. The world is a better place because of people like you.

Mahita Vas

Sam, the walking encyclopedia of IM.

Lee Ji Qian

I’d rather work with someone like Sam Choo, who is one of the very few honest and straight internet marketers. I’m proud of the work he has done so far.

Muhammed Imran

Sam, you might not know it, but you inspire me. You have a tender heart, Sam and you are very empathetic. That makes you a great person. You are gifted, you know what your giftings are, now you need to start USING them the way YOU were meant to use them.

Sharon Dinma Fiberesima

We all know that if you are new to IM, then there is no better mentor out there than Sam Choo.

Callum Laing

Sam Choo makes money from providing something so unique and imaginative (only a few persons know this), you’ll never be able to figure it out.

Eddy Kuah

I admire your selflessness. You give me the feeling that you go all out to help people. I don’t feel any threat or hidden agenda. Maybe the word is ‘sincere’

Jake Ler Jun Hong

Yes your messages speaks to my heart too. Penetrate the inner side of my soul and causes me to think over my life. Such profound wisdom you have.

Que Ann Lim

You know what, Sam, you gave me the platform with your many friendly FB groups. I only had 30 FB friends, when I started writing more. Dormant account for 15 years. Without you painstakingly growing these groups, I would have no audience to write my pains to. You contributed to my growth (and I’m sure to many others’ too). In more ways you realise. Thank you!

Lee Ji Qian

Gosh, you are a real jewel, Sam. I wish I knew you personally (face-to-face, I mean). Friends like you are rare and to be treasured, for sure. I could totally see you as an angel, Sam. You give out very gentle and loving vibes to people.

Marcy Lifavi

To me , you are a legend. As a newbie in the internet marketing business, what you have achieved in your humble ways inspired me. It is not about how much money you earned along your journey but the numerous individuals you have helped and they succeed. I have learnt much from you and started a tribe focusing on Internet

It is not about how much money you earned along your journey but the numerous individuals you have helped and they succeed. I have learnt much from you and started a tribe focusing on Internet Retailing..

Truly, you are a living testimony and inspiration Sam…this Internet Hero whose mission is not how fat his wallet is but how he is able to touch the lives of the ordinary man in the streets by transferring his internet marketing knowledge and seeing them succeed.

Jerry Koh

Sam, you are great and inspiring. Helen and I are really glad to meet up with you in person

Francis Chng

Without his guidance and help, I would not have been able to successfully grow my tribe and build meaningful relationships with my audience. What would have normally taken me years to figure out has now been reduced to a matter of weeks.

Shamir Val Senan

What I like about Sam is that he is an ethical marketer.

Nora Kamsani

Sam Choo, you are not ordinary. You are extra ordinary.

Muhammad Shawal

You’re the kindest richest man I know.

John Cho

You are AMAZING at taking advice, AMAZING at making money, AMAZING at having people trust you….AND OVERALL REMARKABLE!! You’re a rock star, Sam.

Rachel Rofe

Thanks to Sam Choo. My hero for helping me out. You the best. I want to hug you. I’m eternally grateful to found you or I’ll be lost.

Fyrus Aqil

Sam, you have no idea how happy I am to see you at the IWS too. Lol, you are like a superstar, seeing you feels like I’m seeing a celebrity. Thanks for the support and kind words Sam. You really inspire me with your dedication to help, support, and encourage other IMers too.

Max Koh Yeok Seng

You are the most responsive IM guy from sg that I know, never fail to respond almost immediately.

Kevin Lin

I shouldn’t be telling you this but Sam Choo is the go-to gy for all things internet marketing. I’m thankful to have sealed another deal under his guidance.

Runbin Yew

U r angel!

Haiyub Kadir

What People said about Sam Choo’s Coaching Program

Sam Choo had coached more than 80 people from late 2014 to mid 2016.

Here are some of the many feedback from his clients.

“I’m in several of his programs and all i have ever gotten is great value and support – no less! There are the rotten ones, yes for sure, and Sam certainly isn’t one of them at all! You belong to the 2%. And 2% is rare. I highly recommend Sam Choo for his services as I kow he delivers and is one of the most aligned, grounded, honest Internet marketer who is full of integrity!”

Suria Isha Sparks

“I have been to many many many business and self development seminars and workshops over the past 2 years and have many mentors in the process – but no one.. No one comes close to Sam Choo. Why? He is unlike any other coach or mentor who just gives you a direction and let you figure it out yourself. Instead, he gives you resources, encouragement, and handhold you all the way till you reach success. I’m not blowing his trumpet or is paid to do it. I speak from my own experience. In 2014, I started writing my book, The A Lister, but was directionless. Hence I procrastinated a lot and kept reediting many times. I then joined a mastermind he formed called “Publish a book in 60 days” and through his group, I gained so many resources and guidance from him. And as a result of his guidance in the group, I managed to (really) finish and publish my book in a bit over 60 days!Just last night, I had a coaching session with Sam on the topic profitable passion. I’ve been trying to find out which industry I can serve in and what I want to do in my career. I’ve been searching for almost ONE YEAR now! And I haven’t found it.. Until now. As a direct result of one day of a discussion with him, I had a ‘eureka’ moment that made me see my whole life differently. I am in fact already doing my passion business, but haven’t embraced it as a career. I’m now going to take steps to work toward building an empire for myself in this /these areas.All this couldn’t be done without the help of Sam. He’s the real deal!”

Ho Khin Wai

“I know Sam Choo as the founder of Singapore Internet Marketer. Met up with him 3 times and he never fails to ignite the sparks for business in me. He is always generous with his knowledge, display his humbleness and his evergreen positive attitude for IM.

He would definitely be the person to look for in terms of IM biz ideas and solutions.”

Lim Bao An Becks

“Thank you Sam for your valuable insights. I approached Sam with specific areas of my business that I wanted to grow. He listened, came up with promotional ideas and new ways of looking at the challenges I have been struggling with.To say that with this session, it will earn me back 10 to 20 times my investment is an understatement, as it has the potential to add an extra 5 figures to the business.It is indeed that with this session with Sam, it has given me clarity, a confidence booster and renewed my drive towards adding massive value to clients that we serve.”

Chris Han

“Been learning and following in the IM industry for almost a year and finally decided to meet up with Sam for the first time just a few days ago…Sam was indeed generous in sharing about what he know in the IM industry. His encouragement and guidance is really worth the time and money. The discussion we had together brings me with more clarity to approach for the next step.”

Jamie Sim Si Qi

“Last Monday I met up with Sam to get the best of his brain and experience. I was more than glad I did it. He shared both big picture and proven ideas on what he would do, as well as execution details on how he would do it, if he were in my situation. For all entrepreneurs out there who are fighting day in day out, you’d understand why his coaching is so practical and priceless, seriously! He even generously shared with me resources that he personally purchased, because he feels I can benefit from the resources. So here I truly thank you again Sam Choo. I’ll not disappoint you”

Alex Ooi

“Sam is a guy with tons of creative ideas, I have met him twice and not only he offers more than an hour of consultation(3 hours in fact) his ideas are worth more than what he teach and I’m glad that I have made more than a couple of thousands just by meeting him.”

Roy Tay

“I met up with Sam recently about what I can do to start an internet business. And like many people who have met to consult him, I too, have benefited from my session with him. He has given me many ideas, suggestions and different perspectives on how I can start an Internet marketing (IM) business, suited to me. He has also given me resources, encouragement and made me plan out 4 weeks of activities on what I need to do, in order to start my new business. But the most important thing that I have gotten out of the session was not only gaining from his IM knowledge or ideas, but getting the confidence to do my 1st coaching session if I decide to do it (Sam said that he will also help promote my session). I think that was invaluable as it will really overcome any obstacles of procrastination, disbliefs and a great push towards my goal of starting my IM coaching business.

I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of starting a business (IM or otherwise), or have started but got ‘stuck in rut’ and need some directions, go and speak with Sam. He will help in giving you great clarity in what you need to do, where you need to focus, avoid all nu-necessary distractions and just simply make things happen, albeit small steps and successes, one at a time. Thanks Sam!”

Rick Yeo

“Sam Choo is the most down-to-earth internet marketer I know. He never hype things up or advocates short cuts, he emphasizes on doing things the right and ethical way. For this, he has gained my trust. Knowledge wise, he is one of the few internet marketers I know to rely on Internet marketing to support his family full time. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to learn they can start making money online to look for Sam.”

Jake Ler

“I was seeking some kind of clarity when it came to getting my message out there. I’ve attended webinars, gone for one on one coaching sessions and also read through loads of emails from IM “gurus”. But there was one problem, I still was lost and clueless as to how and what I need to do exactly to get my name out there. When i met Sam, I felt myself level up! I had massive insights, clarity and assurance. I’m the kind of guy who needs someone to be there to help me out with guidance and mentoring from the start before allowing me to try things on my own. Sam, listened intently to what I had to say and offered practical solutions and re assured me that he’ll be there to assist in any way he can. His down to earth and very approachable vibe is very welcoming and puts you at ease easily. Thanks Sam for that coffee session and i’m certain you’ll be a star in our local IM scene very very soon.“

Val Senan

“Sam is a humble and down to earth guy who shared his experiences openly. He not only offered his knowledge on Internet Marketing but also listened attentively to my concept even though I am a newbie…at times I don’t even know what I am talking about 😁. He gave me many valuable ideas on ways I can approach it. After meeting Sam, I felt more confident and have a direction on how to proceed with IM. Thanks Sam. Looking forward to another session with you.If anyone wants to start IM business or looking for a mentor, do take this chance to meet Sam. He will help you.“

Sunny Lim

“I met up with Sam yesterday after leaving my job, and he gave me direction and a clear insight on what to do to kickstart my copywriting career. More important than that is that I am impressed with the way Sam shares freely and openly with no holds barred. He is humble, always armed with a bag of ideas in his bag for you to tap on, and definitely the person you should be looking for if you’re looking to start making money on the internet with little to no capital investment. Thank you Sam Choo“

Gary Ong

“I have come to have the greatest respect for Sam Choo. Each of the two times I have met with him, I have come away scratching my head. His profound depth, commitment, and patience is unshakable. He does not look at everything through dollars and cents. He takes time to cultivate the relationship that can be harnessed into lots of dollars. In a world full of people promising millions which they can’t deliver, I really respect Sam ‘s approach of under promising and over delivering. If there is one pro whose bearing is profoundly grounded, I think that pro is Sam Choo. Don’t take my word for it, ask other people or meet him in person and let me know what you think. Sam is the man.”

Gideon F. For-mukwai

“I have met up with Sam for just 2 hours and he had definitely given me more ideas than I have expected! I was experiencing a lack of focus on growing the business and was on the verge of giving it up when I decided to seek some guidance from Sam. Firstly, he helped me to find out the stumbling blocks in my IM journey. Next, he gave me very practical suggestions on tweaking my current IM model to bring about more results. In the process itself, I’ve gained new knowledge and he had also selflessly shared many of his resources that I did not know of, which I’m very grateful to him. I’m now on my way to working on that very same business, but in a different direction, as Sam had recommended. I strongly encourage you to speak to him if you’re facing the same roadblocks that I had went through!”

Irene Choo

“The two meetings I’ve had with you have been as invigorating as they have been insightful; I’ve been extremely impressed by your depth of knowledge, and wealth of ideas on what I can do to reach out to more people.”

Gary Gue

“I have attended many IMs and none work for me because I was lost after the IM and did not know what to do. I made an appointment with Sam that I need guidance on what to start and how to start. He provided me some prompted questions that lead me to find out what I was good in/ likes to do. Sam is different , he adds values to people.”

Ivan Lim

“I want to thanks Sam Choo for the time to chat with me on my upcoming plan. The knowledge and wisdom given from him has been a great help. After the chat, I feel more confident and have a direction where should I move on to. Thanks SAM once again!”

Cindy Lim

“I knew Sam Choo a couple of years ago while i was into affiliate marketing and will chat with him and and off on fb messenger. Recently,I was seeking to venture into something different due to a change in my family life and personal commitments and immediately thought of approaching Sam as he had always been very helpful and resourceful throughout our past conversations.Thank God I made the right choice of approaching Sam as during our short meetup,he opened up my mind to alot of other opportunities in the internet marketing world which is more suited to my current lifestyle.What makes Sam stand out from the rest of the internet entreprenuers I have met is his sincerity and willingness to really share the vital and important parts of his business models without the extra fluff and upsells. I found greater clarity and a new direction after our meetup and I will highly recommend a session with Sam for anyone from a newbie who is just starting out in the IM world to an expert who is looking for more ideas.”

Chua Ee Yi

“Sam is a good coach and is patience , he gives me many ideas and suggestion on how i able to start an internet biz . If you need a coach definitely must find Sam !.”

Esther Elmo

“Recently, I was given the opportunity to link up with him for his one on one coaching session. It was something I badly need and I was pleasantly satisfied that the meetup went beyond my expectation. His quality content sure went beyond his posts. He listened well and carefully of what I am facing when I relate to him. The moment of clarity came to me when he gave me suggestions and directions after that. He matched up my skills with his ideas and gave me steps to take. That is something I really need and it sure helps in removing the clutters in me. From that session I had, I can say that Sam is one of the sincere guys that I have come across and I truly believe he is on a mission to help out to those who are struggling in this journey. He put his faith in you and give you all the confidence that it is do-able. At this point, it is very good to have that push and confidence. Go for it if you are on the fence.”

Hazli Ismail

“Just like to say that I’m grateful that I’ve crossed path with Sam Choo. Very humble, genuine and is always a giver, a dispenser of good advice and ever ready to get you connected to others in his network.”

Maria Mahat

“I had a personal consultation with Sam just now. Many ideas were captured. The consultation fee is definitely value for money. It saves me valuable time having to research and testing on my own. The idea he shared on affiliate marketing was put to use immediately. I will be making some real money soon… getting very excited !!“

Kok Seng Magnan Teo

“Last Monday I met up with Sam to get the best of his brain and experience. I was more than glad I did it. He shared both big picture and proven ideas on what he would do, as well as execution details on how he would do it, if he were in my situation. For all entrepreneurs out there who are fighting day in day out, you’d understand why his coaching is so practical and priceless, seriously! He even generously shared with me resources that he personally purchased, because he feels I can benefit from the resources. So here I truly thank you again Sam Choo. I’ll not disappoint you“

William Koh

“Goh Kheng Chuan Super qualified. !!!“

Goh Keng Chuan